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Çalma Yakalama



The perfection of nature and the miracle of olive, which has lasted for centuries, are presented to you for the health and comfort of your family with cat litter produced from olive seeds for the first time in the world. 

MakPaws has been formulated for the health and comfort of all members of your family in mind.

All substances used in the formulation are 100% natural, absolutely harmless to human and animal health. With its dust-free and antiallergic structure, it does not harm either your cat's or your health.

MakPaws has a minimum carbon footprint due to the simplicity of the production process and the raw materials used. In addition, thanks to its biodegradable structure, it does not harm nature.


Our wonderful team is a group of passionate animal lovers who have dedicated their lives to animal welfare.


Every detail is lovingly designed and made from the most modern and highly durable materials. We offer high quality anatomical harnesses and collars for dogs of all breeds and sizes.

We specialize in luxury dog accessories. Safety and comfort as well as elegance is our main goal. That's why we use high quality, extra reinforced materials and metal accessories. Our designs perfectly combine the care for your pet's health, style and maximum comfort in use.

Our aim is to create a quality and stylish product that will improve the well-being of both our pawed friends and you.

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