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Our wonderful team is a group of passionate animal lovers who have dedicated their lives to animal welfare. Every detail is lovingly designed and made from the most modern and highly durable materials. We offer high quality anatomical harnesses and collars for dogs of all breeds and sizes.​We specialize in luxury dog accessories. Safety and comfort as well as elegance is our main goal. That's why we use high quality, extra reinforced materials and metal accessories. Our designs perfectly combine the care for your pet's health, style and maximum comfort in use.​Our aim is to create a quality and stylish product that will improve the well-being of both our pawed friends and you.



The health, safety, and happiness of our canine companions have always been our top priority. Makpaws is a brand that offers specially designed leash collections for our beloved pets. We aim to enrich the lives of your pets and make every moment spent with them more special.

Quality and Safety

Makpaws prioritizes quality and safety. Our leash collections are carefully crafted from durable materials and meet the highest quality standards. Each leash is designed to provide durability and comfort for many years.

Ergonomic Design

Every product is designed to be compatible with the anatomy of our furry friends. This ensures that your pet is comfortable using our products and can carry out their daily activities seamlessly.

Joint and Muscle Health

When selecting materials for our products, we aim to maximize joint and muscle health. Flexible and durable materials maintain our pets' freedom of movement while providing support to their joints.

Designs to Suit Your Style

Finding a leash that reflects your pet's personality is now easier. Makpaws offers leashes in various colors, patterns, and styles. We combine aesthetics and functionality in our designs to provide the perfect option for you and your pet's style.

Personalized Touches

You can make your pet's leash unique by adding their name or a special message. With our special customization options, we work with you during the design process to create a memorable product for your beloved companion.

Professional Approval and Review

At Makpaws, we develop our products based not only on customer satisfaction but also on the opinions of trainers and experts. Our products, which support joint and muscle health, are backed by professional approval and reviews.

Social Responsibility and Environmental Awareness

Makpaws not only provides quality products but also embraces social responsibility and environmental awareness. By using sustainable materials and minimizing waste, we fulfill our responsibility to nature.

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Influencer Collaboration

We are delighted to collaborate with influencers who create engagement on social media and are leaders in their industry. If you want to introduce Makpaws products to your community, share new trends and comfort, please contact us. We look forward to creating creative and unique content with you, along with special collaborations and products.

Wholesale Inquiries

If you want to offer Makpaws products in your own business or explore wholesale channels, we offer a wide range of products and competitive prices. Enhance customer satisfaction and strengthen your business with our quality and unique products. Contact us for wholesale inquiries and details!

📧 Email: info@makpaws.com
📞 Phone: +1 561 5070100
📍 Address: 1200 North Federal Highway, Ste. 200 Boca Raton FL 33432, United States

Thank you, and welcome to the Makpaws family! 🐾


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